Anatomy of a Relationship

Relationships begin long before we even know what a relationship is. Life is about relationships, it is not about who can better live a solitary life, there are enough inmates in the world who'd win that segment. In the early stages of life when things were simple and filled with promise, I was a child. …

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The simple explanation for life is that it is a kaleidoscope of distractions filled with converging situations designed to keep reality a mystery. Like everyone else, I was looking for answers to the most fundamental question of all; “what is the meaning of life?” but unlike everyone else, I believed I was the only one …

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You can be Grateful and Ambitious at the Same Time

Much of what you have learned about ambition and gratitude in reference to the Laws of Attraction are correct and incorrect according to one's own perception. One person writes about the manifesting of desires, but strongly suggests that you need to be grateful for what you have and continue to be grateful no matter what …

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