I Found the Sister I Never Knew I had.

All my life I lived in California with my mother her husband and their 4 children, my sisters Carla, Maxine, Kelly and my brother Chris. Now please understand they haven’t suddenly vanished since Sandra came into my life, actually they are all part of the one big family I have that was formed of a mixture of many. Let me try and dissect this simple enough for you to understand.

Frank Bothelo was a Portuguese man who I have no information about whatsoever other than he was father to Sandra and me. Frank met Sandra’s mother 10 years before he met my mother, but the wonderful thing about the whole seemingly confusing situation, was the birth of both of us. When Sandra was 10 I was born and then 2 years later my mother married an American who took us to California to start a new life. Somewhere in there Frank married one of his own, a Portuguese woman from the Azores and started a real family born of their marriage. So Sandra and I also have several brothers and sisters from Frank and his wife.

The growth of life spread like a virus, and I was one of the particles. I grew knowing I was part of a larger family, but somehow it didn’t matter because I was already locked into a family created by mother living in California, but My father had always been my greatest curiosity, I wanted to know him, get answers to questions that would plague me a lifetime, it was only until I got older and had experienced almost everything life could shell out that I discovered I could surmise this mans entire life journey based on how the lives of me and my sister turned out. And so after years of chasing this ghost and never getting factual answers to anything the feeling just sort of dissipated and I melted into my accepted role.

As my sister got older so did I. But the secret of me was not a secret to her, and yet she was a secret to me. It took me longer to find out about her; it seems people in Bermuda have a way of stuffing those old skeletons in the closet quite tightly. I went almost 40 years before I knew about or met Sandra, and when I did meet her I felt as I had a real sister even though I had spent my whole life with 3 sisters in the US.

Immediately I knew she was my sister, she was that part of my father that I wanted so much of, and though he was dead now, I accepted her the solution to everything I had been searching for. Here we are pictured together at the christening of her grandson.

Here are some pictures. I really love my sister, and find it amazing the journey people are on, and the journey that sometimes leads you to the curious moments you had locked away. Life is filled with magic and love and surprises, and sorrow, all of these things are the pieces that make us who we are, the experiences both happy and sad that create our character. Life is beautiful and I am happy to be part of this world, what about you.

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