Hi There,

It’s Me

My name is Bruce and I am the creator of this Blog. I chose Relationships & Other Stuff as my theme because I feel relationships encompasses everything there is in the universe. There are relationships between man and woman, parent and child, mother and father and on and on you can spend a lifetime unraveling the myriad relationships that are happening every moment of every life.

I was born in Bermuda back in 1956 and when I was 2 my mother married an American Sailor who helped us (me) begin this journey starting in California. After spending 48 years in California I decided to go back to my home in Bermuda and make a life there, but it was cut short. Bermuda became a part of my life in 2004 and in 2013 I was made redundant and decided to move to England where I now live today.

Sharing my life experiences and the relationships associated with those experiences is my final goal here on earth. My intentions are to show the many sides of each type of relationship so that you, the reader, can experience what you otherwise would never experience, and therefore never know what could be in a simple relationship of one man and many people.